During the last decade (2003 onward) Pakistani’s have been pretty active over the internet not only in surfing but contributing heavily towards the growth and development.

Top Earning Pakistani Websites – 2017 Edition

Thanks to the expertise of Pakistani IT professionals, one of the best designed and well maintained websites over the internet lay their origins from Pakistan. For a lot of companies the major revenue stream stems from outsourcing their services to large international clients, but for freelancers blogging is the best way to make money online.

Due to recession and scarcity in jobs more companies/ professionals and students are stepping into the field of internet media with a lot of them succeeding in building high earning websites. In this editorial we will be discussing the highest earning websites of Pakistan at the time of publication (January 2017).

“Please note this list is only about high earning websites and neither highlights the IT companies that have gained million dollar capitalization through offshore provision for services nor includes the dynamic scripts, portals and complex app based servers created by Pakistani Engineers, further this list exclude online shopping portals & international websites that have launched with a Pakistani version”.

Top Websites in Pakistan – 2017 Edition

Below are the top ten highest earning websites that are illuminating the name of Pakistan internationally.

01. Tradekey.com

Though most of the Pakistani audience may be alien to Tradekey.com but the matter of the fact remains, this is one of the best and highest earning website in Pakistan’s internet empire. Tradekey.com is a multinational internet company that has offices in Saudi Arabia, China and Pakistan. According to one of the most authentic rankings provider “AllWorld” Tradekey is among the top 5 fastest growing companies of Pakistan. Tradekey currently has over 450+ employees and is upon the track towards further improvement.

Having a brief look at the corporate profile, TradeKey.com is the world’s leading and fastest growing online business-to-business (B2B) marketplace that connects small and medium businesses across the globe for international trade. With a mission to help the world do business smartly, TradeKey.com was established in 2005. TradeKey.com currently boasts a member base of over 5.7 million businesses from 240 countries and it welcomes visits of over 9.5 Million buyers and sellers every month.

02. Gsmarena.com

We were recently startled to find out about ownership of GsmArena.com in Pakistani hands. GsmArena is the largest website having in-depth analysis, reviews and information about existing and upcoming mobile phones & Smartphones. Although despite doing a lot of research we have no backing evidence of Pakistani management behind this exceptionally well maintained website but some sources claim GsmArena to originate from Karachi Pakistan. If this website is Pakistani then it’s a mere depiction of immense talent in Pakistan.

03. Rozee.pk

Owned by Naseeb Networks, the only venture capital backed Pakistani Internet Company, Rozee.pk is the most viewed job board in Pakistan. Rozee.pk connects over 40k employers with thousands of job seekers.

04. Urdupoint.com

Urdupoint.Com is the largest urdu portal on the internet. It is online since 1998 & boasts the highest number of page views from Pakistani audience. It is currently the highest paid Pakistani website on various ad networks and ranks fourth among the list of top websites in Pakistan.

05. Pakwheels.com

Pakwheels.Com is probably the best automobile classified website highlighting current industry issues. Established in 2003 Pakwheels.com connects potential automobile buyers to sellers and has over 250,000 registered users.

06. Hamariweb.com

Hamariweb.com is one of the best internet projects meant to cater local Pakistani audience. HamariWeb.Com is owned by WebBiz Media Pvt Limited and provides Pakistani surfers with well-structured Urdu news, poetry, cricket updates, educational articles, social networks, blogs, online TV and many other handy tools.

07. ProPakistani.pk

The most read local Telecom and IT sector news blog founded by Aamir Ataa, who is an online journalist from Islamabad Pakistan. Within a short span of eight years ProPakistani has turned a well-known brand among Pakistani internet surfers and still improving.

08. Zameen.com

The premiere Pakistani online property portal that attracted huge foreign investment. Zameen.Com connects property buyers with property sellers and remains one of the most visited Pakistani website on planet internet.

09. Dawn.Com

Dawn is one of the most authentic and old English newspaper from Pakistan, the website of Dawn gets viewership from readers across the globe craving authenticity in news and opinions.

10. Tune.pk

Founded in 2008, Tune.Pk is Pakistani answer to YouTube, the online video portal that allow users to upload and share videos. Tune.pk boasts a large user base and remains one of the top Pakistani websites in 2017.

Creating a super website is not a tough nut to crack but maintaining its elegance is an art and Pakistani’s are experts in this regard. We wish all the best to all Pakistani Website Owners.


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