If you are an ordinary internet or mobile subscriber in Pakistan than unless you have been living under a rock, you would have suffered through the frustration of waiting for long when connecting to call center helpline of internet & telecommunication companies.

Pakistan is large market for internet and telephony services, with over 70 million mobile subscribers, the market is further growing. Despite the growth in market, the service quality levels of these mobile companies are declining due to lower bandwidth setup for managing a large portfolio of subscribers. The introduction of 3G/4G LTE services has allowed Pakistani subscribers to connect with each other via Skype & Whatsapp Calls that offer better voice quality, although Telenor and Mobilink have launched “HD Call” facility but still in some areas of Pakistan the call quality is poor due to drop in signals and lack of proper infrastructure deployed by these cell phone carriers.

Telecom Operators – Call Center Helpline in Pakistan

Almost all the mobile operators in Pakistan have their own in house call centers but still they have hired least number of call center agents to cater such a large audience. Either you are seeking technical assistance for configuration of your device or want to lodge a complaint for non availability of the services or need to subscribe or unsubscribe from services, you have no other option, but to connect with your mobile operator’s call center helpline. Call center helpline calls used to be free, but now almost all the mobile phone operators in Pakistan have started charging their customers for the calls they make to dedicated helpline. The mobile subscriber’s frustration further adds up when they have to wait for long time before anyone responds to their call.

Why Do I Have to Wait On Hold For Long when Connecting to Call Center Helpline

The answer to this question is very simple, it’s all about the consumer priority, despite charging their consumers with hefty call charges, these mobile operators have failed to establish their in-house call centers in a capacity to cater a large audience. the end result is long queue of subscribers.

If you are a mobile subscriber you need to wait for long before someone answers your call, the only exception is “Platinum Subscribers”, in this case the call center representatives would address to your query in no time and you would be free from waiting in the queue.

Normally When you connect to a call center helpline, a trained call center representative helps resolve your query or provides you with additional

All you mobile subscribers out there Do You have any Complaints For Waiting longer to seek response from a Help Line? 

If You are not satisfied with the way all Mobile or Landline Help Lines respond to your Call then you need to know a bit about their system.

Did You Ever Envy your fellow for the type of quick response he got from a Help Line? Then you must know certain facts about the prioritising of customers by Service Provider.

If you are one of those who have to wait for several minutes before call center representative responds to your call? It mostly turns out to be extremely scorching especially when help line calls are being charged and there are solid chances that your call gets dropped (due to any reason) during this long test of patience.

Hmmm! The real fact is that not all service subscribers wait for this long, for example, you may have observed that help line calls made by your Boss or an elder relative is responded with-in a few seconds or even immidiately, in comparison to your long calls.

This is due to call center routing policies provided by service providing companies (or every other institutions), which results in to prioritizing their consumers based on several statistics.

Most important factor in case of mobile phone or landline companies is no doubt the average amount of credit you spend every month. Another case in mobile operators or Wireless Services could be that postpaid users are responded earlier than the prepaid ones.

It is not 100% sure if these are the only facts that  impact the policy defined by service companies, but based on observation, it can be easily concluded that high paying consumers are responded earlier.

All These policies are practised by Call Centers, globally. So there is nothing  inappropriate in prioritizing the call center calls – that’s how they innovate new strategies for the efficiency of call centers.

But, as a suggestion, if you wait for a long time before call center guy says some thing, try calling from a high credit consuming number or even well, a postpaid number.

If your problem is not urgent , you may try calling during off peak hours , so that the callers queue at call center is not huge and you are are served earlier.

Some Companies even improve their performance, by tracking customers’ attitude, recording the conversation for quality improvement, based on which they can rank their customers. For example, a consumer who reports only genuine bugs, should be responded earlier than the one who calls every other day to speak for useless aspects .

Through Out The world almost same policy are implemented but they may vary with the amount of subscribers a company possess.

New emerging Strategic Challenges lead to a never ending innovation of ideas for performance improvement.