These top four best internet security antivirus are recommended to general users to protect computers from virus & malware spread through internet.

With the penetration of advanced technology beyond ethnicity, cultural and geographical barriers a high number of computer users have access to the internet. With the passage of time, information technology sector is flourishing globally, as a result high-speed internet connectivity is becoming the need of the hour whether it is for home users, schools or business firms.

Why need an Antivirus Software?

Internet is one of the most beneficial inventions of the 20th and 21st Century. The saturation of users over the internet has yielded many security threats for the computer machines. Although operating systems such as Windows XP have a built in firewall that prevents unauthorized access to the computer data but the increasing intrusions of malware usually in the form of trojans, viruses and spyware programs etc have triggered the need for installation of a reliable anti virus program in the computer.

What exactly an Antivirus Software Do?

Antivirus software is a computer program that protects user data from the infections of malware as well as blocks any unauthorized access to the computer machine. If a user needs to choose a suitable antivirus software he has to take out some time and skim through the reviews of various products available in the market.

There are perhaps some millions of viruses that wait to infect the users computer in addition to turning down its speed. To effectively manage all the threats an Antivirus software should be installed and updated regularly. One of the essential qualities of an antivirus software is the detection the virus attacks and clearing already existent viruses.

Best Internet Security Antivirus

Antivirus softwares are available both open source (free download) and in premium versions (paid version). The premium (Paid) Anti Virus Programs bag some additional handy features within themselves.

The following are top four internet security antivirus software currently available in the market.

1. Norton Antivirus

According to reviewers and users this is the best antivirus software currently available in market courtesy its robust features. It gets a gold award from one of the reputed testing labs. Installation is fast and is easy to use. The interface is easier to use, but hard to read due to dark colors. Scanning is slower when compared to other software’s but has minimal impact on the system performance. It detects the latest virus attacks and blocks them.

2. Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus is easy to install, easy to use and has a user friendly navigation. The graphical user interface is much more improved. It is highly recommended for intermediate and advanced- level computer users. Kaspersky software has fast threat detection and removal based on the virus and system behavior.

3. Avast Antivirus

Avast is one of the leading antivirus programs, with its new radical interface brought this software in comparison to its counterparts. It provides high-speed automatic updates. It comes in professional and home editions. When you run a virus infected file immediately Avast detects the virus and prevents the file from execution. It provides free updates of recent viruses and protects the information sent or received. It offers total network protection.

4. Zone Alarm Internet Security

Zone Alarm Internet Security software protects the computer from viruses that infect the system. The latest version has enhanced virus detection and auto-learn function to reduce needless security alerts. It is easy to install and use. The anti-virus scanner blocks both incoming and outgoing viruses that pave way to hackers. The most intriguing characteristic is its superior heuristic detection algorithm that detects new viruses depending on the behavior analysis, which are not in the database. The latest version of Zone Alarm lacks the identity features and privacy.