6 Security Tips for protecting your Wireless Home Network. Protect your wireless home network from hacking intrusions, bandwidth theft, privacy breach and other threats.

Setting up a wireless home network is an easy method to provide seamless internet access to various computers at a single go. A majority of us ignore the importance of protecting our wireless network from hacking intrusions. Once we establish a wireless network it could be accessed by hackers who could see and record what we are doing on our network, exploit bandwidth and in extreme cases even enter into a monetary transaction or upload anything illegal or offensive.

It is very important to protect your home wireless network from hacker’s interference and following these six tips would reduce the threats posed towards your network.

1. Use a Strong Password

Many of us commit this mistake by keeping a password that is too short and predictable. Hackers could easily try and input a close guess to crack original password. The Password must be 14 words containing alphabetical letters and numerical values. Don’t share your password with everyone. The readers are highly advised to change password on a monthly basis to avoid any ill circumstances.

2. Turn On Encryption

Most of the routers by default have the automatic encryption facility turned off. The user can access the settings of the router to enable data encryption. Out of the various encryption methodologies WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and WPA 2 encryption is extremely difficult to crack hence strongly recommended.

3. Disable Wireless Network Administration

Disabling wireless network administration can restrict hackers from accessing the administrative area of your router settings. Turning on this option will allow access to your routers administrative area only when you connect the router via a LAN Cable to your machine.

4. Disable SSID Network Broadcast

Each wireless device has a SSID (Service Set Identification) which needs to be known before connecting into the network. You should turn off the SSID Network Broadcast to prevent various third parties hopping into your network. Moreover various routers come up with default SSID names like a famous manufacturer Linksys has default SSID “linksys” you must change these names to something unique making it difficult for others to guess your network identification.

5. Enable Mac Address Filtering

Each wireless device has a unique code called “Mac Address” for its wireless networking card. The Mac Address keeps track of the hardware machines that connect to the network and the administrator could establish authorized Mac Addresses of the devices that are authorized to connect into the network. Activating this setting will reject any unauthorized device attempting to connect with the wireless network.

6. Enable Firewall on Router and Computers

Each router has a built in firewall that needs to be active all the time. The firewall counters any attacks upon the network. The computers that connect to the network must also have the firewall turned on and for advanced protection some premium software’s are available in the market.


Protecting a wireless network from all the odds circulating in your ambiance is very essential. Failing to take proper preventive measures may result into loss of privacy and confidential information, inflated broadband bills along with other threats. The best way for beginners to protect their wireless network remains enabling firewall and data encryption facility to prevent personal information leakage.


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