It has been roughly a decade since Apple released their sizzling gadget iPhone. The latest version iPhone 7 Plus was rolled out in September 2016. The most successful version was the iPhone 3GS released globally in 2008 that gave iPhone the recognition it deserved.

iPhone Carrier Unlock

If you have an iPhone or are planning to purchase one then you might already be aware of the fact that Apple has contracts with certain cellular carriers (Mobile Phone Operators/Service Providers) and offers its iPhone along with a contract of the user with the cellular company. By default iPhone is locked to work only with the certain approved cellular carriers such as in the United States of America the Smartphone only works with AT&T and Verizon while in the United Kingdom iPhone only works with O2.

Although iPhone is available factory unlocked from the Apple apps store but it is expensive so users prefer purchasing iPhone along with a contract to a cellular carrier. The problem arises where the user wants to use another cellular company services on his iPhone like in the US a lot of iPhone users want to activate T Mobile Services on their iPhone but the iPhone is bound to work only with AT&T.

To counter this default restriction imposed by Apple in their iPhone, hackers have found security exploits to unlock the iPhone Baseband and remove all the restrictions that confine iPhone only to the selected cell phone carrier.

The procedure in which the iPhone is hacked to allow all cellular carriers work upon it is called “iPhone Carrier Unlock”.

In order to carrier unlock an iPhone, the user needs to jailbreak his iPhone first. You can read the introductory tutorial about Jailbreak iPhone.

iPhone Carrier Unlock – Explanation

iPhone could be thought of as a Tablet Computer with the a GSM Radio Band Modem to connect with cellular service providers. Apple have designed their iOS to segregate the functions of Computer part of their iPhone and the GSM Radio Band. Actually computer part of the iPhone iOS is called iPhone firmware.

iPhone firmware performs tasks like connecting to wi-fi or 3g internet, running apps like wordpress, twitter etc. The GSM Modem is used to acquire the services of cellular carriers like AT&T, O2, Verizon etc.

The part of the iOS Operating System that controls GSM Radio band is called iOS Baseband. when we talk about Jailbreak iPhone we actually hack the iOS firmware whilst when we speak about carrier unlock iPhone then we hack iOS Baseband to use SIM of another unsupported cellular service provider on our iPhone.

Once done, the phone could be used to make and receive calls, receive and send text messages, use mobile internet and other services offered by the cellular service provider.

iPhone carrier Unlock – Tools

In order to carrier unlock an iPhone, the user has to first Jailbreak his iPhone using Jailbreak Tools. Once Cydia is installed the users can download Ultrasn0w to unlock their iPhone Baseband. When the users jailbreak iPhone after upgrading iOS firmware they may use Sn0wBreeze or Pwnage Tool to preserve their baseband and continue using the unlocked iPhone.


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