Chit Chat for Facebook Add On allows Facebook chat from your Desktop. A detailed review covering pros and cons of using Chit Chat Facebook.

Chit Chat for Facebook is a third party software application which takes Facebook chat and makes it more manageable. Similar to other messaging software, the online Facebook chat app Chit Chat provides a full user interface and customized features. It makes using Facebook chat less of a headache, in more ways than one.

Pros of Chit Chat for FACEBOOK

One of the main notable features of Chit Chat for Facebook is how it combines all open chats into one window. Instead of having all the open Facebook chat boxes at the bottom of your web browser, this software takes what used to be a disastrous mess and puts it in a neat, organized format. With its interface, you can easily switch from one chat to another with one click in the same window.

Along with its easy interface, there are also options to save chat logs or clear the existing conversation right from the instant message window. All chats logs are logged automatically, too. So while you’re having a new chat with one of your friends, you can easily go back to a previous conversation with them. This feature makes it easy to go back and recover certain details about prior conversations, such as a phone number or address that you may have lost track of during the conversation.

With the full contact list, which can include both online and offline contacts, you have easy access for communicating with anyone on your entire contact list. The possibilities with Chit Chat for Facebook are endless. Not only can you send messages to your friends, you’re even capable of posting to their wall right from the program’s user interface. If it isn’t communicating with your friends that you’re interested in, you can even update your status from your buddy list.

If you have utilized the Facebook feature of creating custom friend lists, Chit Chat for Facebook allows you to group your friends based on this on-site feature. This gives you the ability to categorize your friends in different groupings, such as: high school friends, online friends, family, etc.

There are many settings that you can customize to make using the program more personalized. A few examples of these settings include: font settings for incoming/outgoing messages, notification settings for availability updates (when a user goes online or offline), disabling emoticons, adding/removing time stamps from messages, and even setting the privacy of a status posted via the application.

Cons of Chit Chat for Facebook

Seeing as no software is perfect, there are few tweaks that would probably make this software better. While the user interface is easy to use, it looks rather generic in this era of software programming. The links to do things are all displayed as a blue hyperlink, which makes it look like it was programmed many years ago. The button used to post a new status, via the application, also seems very generic. With some slight User Interface changes, this software could easily look like a more modern program.

As previously mentioned in the pro portion of this review, the ability to use customized friend lists feature needs a few adjustments. While the concept is great, the feature has a few glitches that need to be resolved.

A few features that would probably benefit the program were also not there. The ability to send messages and wall posts to user’s right from the instant message window would be great. That way, if you return to the computer after being away, you could reply to a received message easily if that user had gone offline. Another reason this would be handy would be to send information privately, that could easily be retrieved by the other person.

The last thing that could possibly be improved in this software is the rate at which it updates user’s availability. While using the software, you encounter a series of notifications at once due to a delay. It makes it seem as if, for example, five users come online and seven users go offline all at the same time. Since each online/offline change comes with a sound and visual notification, this can be quite aggravating. While the settings allow you to stop both notifications, it would be better if online statuses updated in real-time. Unfortunately, according to the developers this isn’t possible at the moment as Facebook chat doesn’t support it.


While there are many different software programs on the market that optimize the use of Facebook chat, there are few that meet the standards of online Facebook chat. The number of features this software has shown proves the actual concept for this software goes much further than simply replacing the web-based chat features. The fact that it was built simply for Facebook chat gives it the ability to possess all these features and also to pay attention to details that other messaging software doesn’t. Even with a few glitches and the need for a few enhancements, Chit Chat for Facebook is one of the leading Facebook chat download applications on the market.