These are six tools that website business owners on the move ought to invest in like cloud based services, a smartphone, a laptop, internet dongle.

It’s commonly perceived by contractors (such as programmers and graphic designers) as well as the public at large that if you are a project manager and are project managing a website business you’re living a life of luxury where little to no work gets done.

However, those of us within that role know that is simply not the case. A website project manager is the missing link between systems and people that do not talk to one another. Additionally, the “Project Manager” of an organization is someone whom leads the business to greater heights and forms a critical leadership function when things go wrong.

Online Tools Website Business should Invest

Here are a few useful tools that website business owners might consider investing money.

1. An Online Collaboration Tool

Trying to organize teams through email, Facebook messages and documents can quickly become a nightmare when teams get large and communication get’s lost.

An online collaboration tool offers the benefits of being entirely footloose and can be used from anywhere in the world – whether your team is in America or in Pakistan, it doesn’t matter. The tool works the same.

Assembla is an online collaboration tool that enables you to make use of ticketing, file sharing, it has an SVN functionality which is useful for programmers.

Increasingly, if you are finding yourself working on the move, so the ability to pull my files and submit your files to the internet is a great way in which to keep organized and fully backed up.

2. Team Viewer

Often it’s simply not possible to communicate what you want to do in words, or at least not easily. Therefore it’s easier to show someone. Moreover, often it’s desirable to show your staff specifically what you want done, or remotely fix a user’s computer or identify a fault.

3. A Great Smartphone

Being able to fill in the gaps between when you’re in the office, when you’re travelling and when you’re out of the office.

Whilst some people find others being able to contact them at any time a burden, I like the fact that I can stay on top of my email whilst I’m travelling – that means as a consequence that my time is my time and I don’t find myself catching up on emails after hours. Often time spent travelling is wasted and isn’t particularly useful. Whilst they’ve fallen out of fashion of late to the iPhone and the Android phones, you can still use Blackberry as it has an actual keypad on. It’s much more useful in the management of business.

Blackberry helpfully integrates with my calendar and email. Moreover, it has a long battery life so you won’t be constantly burdened by having to drag your phone charger everywhere.

4. A Notepad and Pen!

Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you least expect it. Having a pen and paper to hand when you don’t have access to the internet is darn useful!

5. Google Apps or Office 365

The ability to collaboratively work on documents, spreadsheets and databases is very useful. Being able to work on files independent of the computer remotely can be particularly useful when you are working on the move from many different computer systems.

Spreadsheets in particular are made easier when there are many different skilled users working on different aspects at the same time.

6. A Small Computer!

Whilst I’ve always been a fan of desktop computers they simply are not a practical way in which to work on the move, it’s much easier to make use of a netbook or a small laptop (11.6 inch screen).

It’s worth, however, investing some time to establish not just what is the “fastest” for your money but also on the heat levels and weight – these metrics vary widely between manufacture.

7. A Dongle

Purchasing a MiFi or USB Dongle will enable you to access the internet wireless on the move. Different areas, however, have different levels of signal strength. It may be worth checking with different providers which one is best for your area.

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