HTC Explorer used to be a high class and handy android phone to have, but now as new generation of android phones have been released into the market that overshadow its elegance and excellence, it is no longer as much desirable, as it used to be a couple of years ago.

None the less if you still have HTC Explorer with you than you might be facing certain issues, like the slowdown of device after downloading certain apps, or your phone might have been locked due to too many failed pattern unlock attempts. In this case you need to factory reset (Hard Reset) your phone settings to properly boot your device. HTC Explorer has a major problem, if you are selling your HTC Explorer to someone or passing it on than you need to reset your phone to original settings so that all your data gets properly deleted.

How many times have you been screwed when it takes a lot of time for you to open an android app on your HTC Explorer, or the phone stops responding for five to ten minutes. In that case you seriously need to reset your phone to factory settings so that you may experience your HTC Explorer like a new one that has just come out of the box. Factory Reset brings your phone to original state as it used to be when you bought it for the first time from the market.

Beware Resetting your Phone to Factory settings will erase everything from your phone like the text messages, wallpapers, apps, customization and other manual settings. Factory Reset is also know as ‘Hard Reset’ so don’t do it too often. It is recommended to backup your phone data before performing factory reset.

Method 1

Factory Reset HTC Explorer

If your HTC Explorer is active and you have access to your dashboard, settings and apps than you must try out this tutorial.

1. Navigate to Settings.
2. Now Tap on “SD & Phone Storage”
3. Now select Factory Data Reset.
4. After that tap on Reset Phone and select “Erase Everything”

Once you follow the steps the phone will reset itself to factory settings.

Method 2

Reset HTC Explorer through Hardware Buttons

If your HTC Explorer freezes after too many failed pattern unlock attempts or due to any other app that you have installed into your phone than you are forced to follow this method for doing a “Factory Reset” of your device. This reset is done using hardware buttons of your device. If your HTC Explorer is locked due to too many failed pattern unlock attempts and google is asking to sign in to your account than don’t worry follow the steps below and you will solve this issue easily.

1. Turn Off your HTC Explorer for this you need to take out the battery for some time.
2. Now insert the battery and hold the “Volume Down” Button located on the right side of your device.
3. Holding the “volume down” button, now gently press the “Power On” button.
4. Screen will appear with Green Android Logo.
5. Now leave the volume down and power on button, the four options will be displayed.