PTCL is undoubtedly the largest internet service provider in Pakistan. Ptcl killed broadband competition in local market by offering the highest quality services at the most affordable rates. Millions of subscribers in Pakistan enjoy browsing internet through PTCL Evo 3G, PTCL Wingle, PTCL Broadband etc. Despite the large user base PTCL has a very lengthy and time consuming IVR system to recharge prepaid accounts.

Once you consume the minimum balance requirement of PTCL Evo than you would not receive any text message message notification from PTCL rather you won’t be able to connect to internet and the following pop up message would display
‘User Authentication Failed- The Username or Password you supplied is not correct’ etc.

Recharge PTCL Evo through Vfone Scratch Cards

The easiest way to recharge your Prepaid Evo internet connections is through Vfone Scratch Cards otherwise you will have to visit PTCL Smart Shop to recharge credit into your account. If you are recharging your PTCL Evo through Vfone Scratch cards than you must be aware that from 1st March 2014 onward you can not recharge PTCL Evo Connections through dialing 1015 and following long IVR system rather to make it easier for consumers now a specific code could be dialed to recharge your EVO Connection. PTCL took this step silently without proper announcement on media sources.

The easiest way to recharge your PTCL EVO through Vfone Scratch Cards is to follow simple code sending mechanism. Follow the steps below to recharge your PTCL Evo instantly, hassle free.

1- Dial *1666*VFone Scratch Card Code#

That’s it once you successfully dial this code your account will be recharged and you will receive text message notification from PTCL on the amount of balance credit that has been added to your account and its validity. Now the consumers won’t have to wait and follow long IVR instructions.

This is a good initiative by PTCL for the convenience of its customers. Keep enjoying internet through your PTCL Evo Connections.