Smartphone and Tablet Devices have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. Despite the advantages and features these portable devices offer, in general Smartphones have been criticized for the unreliable Battery Life.

In today’s business environment, a missed call, unread email, un-received text message may fall equivalent to a missed business opportunity. Entrepreneurs need to cope up with challenge of keeping their Smartphones/Tablet Devices active throughout the day.

Extend Battery Life of Smartphones

There are numerous power saving tricks that will help increase Smartphone battery life.
Here are few valuable tips to follow for making your Smartphone battery last longer.

1. Halt Power Intensive Activities in your Smartphone

Due to the variety of appealing features like cloud computing services and rapid internet access, most of us show a high degree of reliability upon these portable Smartphones for the accomplishment of our day to day tasks. It is good to restrict power intensive activities on your smartphone if you are to conserve battery life for long time.

2. Turn Off Push Notifications

One of the best features these smartphones offer is the availability of push notification pop up messages on the home screen upon receiving an email or a notification on Facebook.
These push notifications are very essential when it comes to receiving an incoming email or an alert for a new transaction but turning off unnecessary notifications of social media activity will surely help you retain and preserve a large amount of battery power.

3. Control Screen Brightness

After applying some custom settings to the smartphone screen brightness, battery power can be saved. Most of the Smartphones have the built in feature of automatic brightness adjustment according to ambient light intensity otherwise you may play some tweaks in non-supported devices so that your battery power lasts longer.

4. Adjust Screen Timeout

Screen Timeout setting will let you decide for how long the screen will remain lighted once you press a button on your smartphone. If you could adjust the screen timeout time to around 20 seconds you could save battery power.

5. Turn Off Wi-Fi

For most of us, connectivity to the internet on the go is important but if you could turn off the wi-fi while you are busy in doing some offbeat work like driving, hanging out with friends, attending business meeting or other personal commitments than you could save Smartphone battery life. If Wi-Fi connectivity is turned on it keeps on searching for available internet connections & syncing data that consumes too much of battery power.

6. Turn Off Bluetooth

Turning off Bluetooth will help save battery life of your Smartphone to some extent. Most of us, use Bluetooth headsets to receive calls or connecting with other supported devices but turning off Bluetooth when you are away from work may help retain some extra battery life.

7. Modify Apps Settings

Modifying the Apps Settings and turning off the automatic GPS location tracker may conserve some battery juice that will enable Smartphone Battery last longer. The biggest advantage of smartphones is multitasking, you need to turn off the updates for a variety of unnecessary Apps like Facebook, Twitter and others that search for automatic updates in the background.

8. Maintain a Backup Battery

Another idea is to maintain a backup battery or power bank with you so that in case, smartphone battery is fully drained you could replace it with another fully charged one. This helps especially during travel to certain destinations where access to electricity is limited. There are a variety of smartphone accessories available in the market that may help serve a backup battery source. You need to check out your Smartphone Model and its compatible accessories.

9. Keep Charger in your Bag

Keeping battery recharging arrangements is another idea to avoid a dead battery. You could carry a charger with you in order to recharge your smartphones battery whenever it starts reaching minimal levels. You may use USB charger to charge your device from your car’s power but this could be dangerous sometimes and may damage your device hence should be avoided but charging Smartphones while sitting in the corporate cubicle may help you keep your Smartphone battery charged for long time.