There are quite a few amazingly beautiful windows 7 themes available absolutely free of cost. You might be a big fan of the default Windows 7 user interface but switching over old school themes regularly will help prevent boredom.

Download Windows 7 Themes

Thanks to the competent designers who have rolled out exciting and fresh looking windows 7 themes that will spice up your desktop. With a plethora of stuff available, our collection winnow down your choices by highlighting the simple and elegant themes that will make your desktop appealing than before. All the credit goes to the original designers for investing their time and money in giving us such wonderful products.

Art of the Everyday Dynamic theme

art of everyday dynamic windows 7 theme

The theme has some great examples of photography from everyday life. Don’t forget to experience beauty and humor close to the reality in this free theme for Windows 7.


Australian Landscapes theme


If you want to experience the beautiful landscapes of Australia, than you must give this theme a try. The photographer Ian Johnson has collected some beautiful images of lush green fields, peaceful tree grooves and picturesque remnants of rustic past


Beach Sunsets theme


This free theme offers some great pictures and backgrounds of the beach sunsets in Hawaii and California.


Britain – Windows 7 Theme

Britain windows 7 theme

Enjoy the beauty of world’s beautiful country Britain through this free windows 7 theme.


Scenic Europe Theme

Scenic Europe Windows 7 Theme

Enjoy architecture, castles & landscapes from around Europe like Scandinavia, France, Spain and the UK.


Chocolate theme


Do you love chocolate like me? If so than this free theme will give a chocolate like tasty feel to your Windows 7 machine.


City Lights theme


The photographer Talha Tariq lets you get a feel of two City of Lights, Vancouver and Seattle in this free Windows Theme.


Dark Skies theme


The theme gives you a feel of dark skies due to clouds and thunderstorm.


Fireworks theme


Give your desktop a spark with fireworks theme for Windows 7.


Forests theme


Forests are just awesome; many of us want to visit forests often to see the natural habitat of plants and animals that is endangered due to excessive industrialization. We love the views of dappled sunlight through a canopy of maple; gnarled, primeval trunks coated in moss; or the slender green serenity of backlit bamboo. Experience like traveling in the forests through this free Windows 7 Theme.

GT Graphics theme


This free theme gives graphical images of distant planets to attract user attention.


Magic Landscapes 2 theme


The Magic Landscapes 2 Theme gives a beautiful pictorial view of landscapes.


Spectacular Skies theme


Enjoy a beautiful view to the dark skies leaving a fresh feel to the landscapes.


Iceland Windows Theme

Iceland Windows 7 Theme

Explore the beauty of Iceland on your Windows 7 Desktop Screens through this simple but amazingly beautiful windows 7 themes that has a fresh feel.


Misty Windows 7 Theme

Windows 7 Themes

The theme blends the beautiful and fresh morning images that will make your desktop screens more appealing to your eyes.


Download Instructions: Simply hit the download link available in the theme description which will take you to the original source where you can easily download these cool looking themes hassle free.


Microsoft was smart enough in considering user feedback during developmental stages, that’s why Windows 7 stands right next to user expectation in terms of user interface, functions, compatibility and speed. Lately Windows 7 is the most widely operating system in the world overstepping Windows XP. Although succeeded by Windows 8 and Windows 10, still Windows 7 is the best when it comes to elegance. You can download our collection of best windows 7 themes in 2017.