It goes without saying that like many of us are eagerly waiting to try out the latest iOS 10 jailbreak for iPhone 7, but the big question is, are there still enough reasons to jailbreak iPhone 7 with iOS 10 since it kills a number of jailbreak apps and tweaks. ?

It has been a while since Apple released iOS 10, which includes a number of new features such as lock screen widgets, raise to wake, live photo editing, voicemail transcription, improved facial recognition and advanced compatibility to VOIP services.

Although iOS 10 is pre-loaded with built in functions and a plethora of useful apps but still it is devoid of many basic and entertaining features that can be fetched through iPhone 7 Jailbreak.

With every new iteration of iOS, the operating system is getting more polished and feature-rich, which makes jailbreaking less exciting. We think there are still some very good reasons to jailbreak iOS 10 and iPhone 7. Here are some of the top reasons:

#1. Customization


It may seem quite mundane, but having the ability to rename folders, change icons, re-size icons is kind of nice. Whether you rename Spotify to Music or Instagram the Gallery. It seems quite basic yet by default iOS 10 lacks all such facilities and you are bound to jailbreak your device before getting hold of these features. Moreover a tool called Folder Enhancer lets you create folders and sub folders as a medium to organize apps at your convenience.

iFile is a complete file manager tweak that allows you to view system files and folders as well as edit them right from your iPhone. You can also save files that you download from the internet.

#2. Themes

Unlike android, the default iOS 10 does not support themes but if you jailbreak your firmware than surely cydia is swamped with some appealing and cooler themes to give your device a refreshing feel.

There is an app called Winterboard that lets you customize Dashboard and Springboard transforming your iPhone into an Android Phone like interface. Jailbreak tweaks also let you add a 5-icon dock, additional row of keys to iOS, virtual keyboard, change the carrier logo and lots more. BytaFont 2 allows you change the system font on your jailbroken iPhone.

#3. App Enhancement


iOS 10 still has restrictions for installation of third party apps & features. With iOS 10 jailbreak you will be able to install useful third party applications from rival stores. In the case of Pokemon Go, you can install jailbreak tweaks that will allow you to move around the map using a joystick rather than walking physically. You’ll be able to get hold of some exciting tweaks & benefits with iOS 10 jailbreak.

#4. Beef Up Security


Jailbroken devices have more options in terms of privacy and security, although it’s worth noting that not all of them are necessarily reliable.

The Security section of Cydia offers tools that lets you lock down media files and individual apps, install key loggers, encrypt messages, remotely track and wipe your iPhone and make it harder to access the device. There are also tweaks that let you use advanced facial recognition to unlock the device or email a photo of whoever keeps trying to guess your pass code.

Thanks to awesome jailbreak tweaks in Cydia such as Asphelia, BioLockdown & BioProtect, you can lock apps and folders on your device with Touch ID or pass code and prevent unauthorized people from accessing them.

#5. Enjoy iOS 10 Features on Older Devices

If you are using iOS 10 on older versions of iPhone than iOS 10 jailbreak will let you use the latest iOS 10 features like raise to wake, i message sharing etc. on older iPhone models. We have already seen tweaks on Cydia that bring 3D Touch functionality to older devices as well as Picture-in-Picture mode.

In fact, there is already a jailbreak tweak called ProximityLock that uses the iPhone’s Proximity Sensor to lock and unlock your device.

#6. Emulators


Since day one, running video game emulators has been popular among users having performed the iPhone jailbreak. On Cydia, you can find emulators for a number of classic video game consoles. These apps don’t come with games (called ROMs), so you’ll have to do some searching online or grab the EmuROMs app from Cydia.

With jailbreak tweaks such as GBA4iOS and RetroArch, you can play these games right on your iOS device and bring back your old childhood memories.

Note: It’s not always legal to download ROMs of video games, so proceed at your own risk.

#7. Multiple Users & Handy Apps

One of the good features for iPad is the ability of multiple users sharing a single device like a single iPad for the entire family. This feature is further improved with a bunch of apps available only for Jailbroken iOS Devices. You could only install apps, music and pictures through iTunes but with iPhone jailbreak you could expect not only installing all those handy apps not available on the iTunes apps store but can also arrange and organize media without relying heavily on iTunes.

#8. Set Default apps

One of the major limitations of iOS is the lack of an option to set your favorite third-party app as the default app. Thankfully jailbreak tweaks like MapsOpener, allow you to set Google Maps as the default app instead of Apple’s Maps app and BrowserChooser allow you to change the default browser.

It is pertinent to mention not to confuse iPhone unlock with iPhone jailbreak as both are completely different.

These reasons are sufficient to convince you for trying out iPhone Jailbreak but it’s quite debatable that if iPhone Jailbreak is legal or not, all the evidence suggests iPhone jailbreak is legal but no clear words are available for tablets and so the legal position of iPad Jailbreak can not be clearly justified. The myth that iPhone Jailbreak could foster harmful effects for your iOS device has been proved invalid. Although we are not persuading you to Jailbreak iPhone but if you want to do it than there are some good reasons for it.


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