Thursday, June 29, 2017


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Best Smartphones and Mobile Phones in February 2017

Mobile Phones are taking an integral part in our lives. With the entry of popular brands the rising competition is creating good opportunities for the end consumers to choose a mobile...

What is Linux Operating System?

Brief overview about Linux and Ubuntu operating system highlighting advantages of installing Linux over others. Linux is, in easy words an operating system for desktop devices. There is a plethora of operating...

Top 10 Highest Earning Pakistani Websites – 2017 Edition

During the last decade (2003 onward) Pakistani’s have been pretty active over the internet not only in surfing but contributing heavily towards the growth and development. Top Earning Pakistani Websites –...

What is Ubuntu Operating System?

Detailed overview explaining Ubuntu OS, versions, history and advantages of installing Ubuntu OS. What is Ubuntu Operating System? It is the 21st Century, computers have laid a high impact on the life...

How to Extend Battery Life of Smartphones

Smartphone and Tablet Devices have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. Despite the advantages and features these portable devices offer, in general Smartphones have been criticized for the unreliable...

iPhone Jailbreak – Beginners Guide (Exclusive)

iPhone is one of the best smart phones available in the market today. Apple inc has gained notable success since the release of their sizzling sensation “iPhone” that is a massive...

How to Recharge PTCL Evo through Vfone Scratch Cards

PTCL is undoubtedly the largest internet service provider in Pakistan. Ptcl killed broadband competition in local market by offering the highest quality services at the most affordable rates. Millions of subscribers...

iPhone Carrier Unlock – Beginners Guide (Exclusive)

It has been roughly a decade since Apple released their sizzling gadget iPhone. The latest version iPhone 7 Plus was rolled out in September 2016. The most successful version was the...

How to Reset HTC Explorer Factory Settings (Unlock Phone)

HTC Explorer used to be a high class and handy android phone to have, but now as new generation of android phones have been released into the market that overshadow its...

Best Internet Web Browsers Ranking – 2017 Edition

With the increasing number of internet users many companies are propelled to design and develop their self signature powerful feature equipped web browsers. The advancement in technology and more complex cloud...
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