Mobile forms can be used to reduce the time your mobile workforce spend on form filling.

If you have a mobile workforce, you are probably aware of the time that goes into form filling to professionally document the day’s work. When you start to look at form filling and the associated costs that surround it in ways which affect us all, it makes you see the relevance it may have for your business. Once you understand the concept of mobile form filling you can understand how you can leverage it to best streamline your business and increase your mobile workforce’s productivity.

As an example, a report was taken out by competent authorities which showed that millions of pounds could be saved if official form filling was made easier.

Claiming services and paying taxes are a common areas in which a simplified approach to form filling is needed, due to the general public finding the process overly complicated. This study looked into the forms used for attendance allowance, driving licenses, passport applications, tax self-assessment forms and student grants.

Looking at the attendance allowance forms, it is highlighted that 400,000 of these forms are processed yearly, and that it costs £40 per form to process. Driving license photo cards can cost as much as £8 per photo to administer. If we could save 5% on the processing fees, we would save £3.2 million every year. This wastes both the taxpayers’ time and money and uncovers something revealing about businesses with a mobile workforce that rely on conventional form filling.

Mobile forms are now becoming popular in various different industries and are particularly emerging in service-based industries, with everyone from engineers to labor-based workers utilizing the automated mobile forms.

This mobile innovation is making use of the Cloud technology, allowing your field workers to easily be contacted, check forms, collect data, report back into the office and fill forms using the their mobile devices. Inspections carried out can also be logged as well as completed work and the capturing of customers signatures to verify anything.

This allows you to save time and money, whether your specialism is maintenance, sales or inspections.

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Tom Clark enjoys writing about small business and mobile technology and the impact of mobile on business in the future. Most of his writing is aimed at promoting sustainable business and eco tech 2.0. Gomobilize provide solutions for traditional paper filling systems used in mobile workforce by introducing mobile form technology.


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