How Does Google Search Works?. A detailed explanation by Matt Cutts regarding page rank, keyword anchor texts links, relevant content and other 200+ SEO factors.

The question has long been asked from various newbie’s and expert SEO consultants. How exactly does Google search engine operates?. In the light of rising queries from the users Matt Cutts the head of anti spam team at Google decided to have a full video demonstration of the quality factors considered by Google in deciding search engine rankings.

Here is the video

If you are having problems than visit this link How Does Google Search Operate.

In this video clearly Matt Cutts has shown Page Rank as the key towards deciding rankings. This is the only reason why Google always ranks high page rank websites upwards in the search results. Also the relevance is considered to be an important part in the ranking process. The more relevant content is the higher exist chances for top rankings. Despite the entire buzz after Google rolled out their Hummingbird & Panda penalty. Google still pays a lot of weight on external links pointing towards the website. Remember to which extent the SEO evolves, the Golden rule remains

“The More Authoritative a Website is the Higher It will Rank”


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