Don’t overdo your SEO…! A word of Caution. Google is signalling towards a major algorithm update that aims to penalize overly optimized websites considering them as spam.

In the mission for making itself the best search engine available over the internet, Google is consistently updating its Algorithm with intents to curb alarming levels of spam seeking various entry routes towards its database.

Google signals a major algorithm update

As most programming geeks say

“Google revises its algorithm codes every single day but these code revisions leave almost no impact on search results ranking”.

In a recent SXSW Conference a well known Google Employee Matt Cutts (Head of the Anti Spam Team at Google) answered one of the questions pitched by the attendee regarding Mom and Pop websites to which Matt replied “Team at Google is consistently planning to reward websites that write high quality content for readers and not for search engines”.

Matt Cutt’s statement pointed towards the upcoming giant algorithm update that may seek to penalize websites concentrating too much on Search Engine Optimization efforts. From the statement all we could speculate is that Google is in a phase of transition, currently Google has over 20 signals to rank a website but after this update the focus will now shift completely over On Page SEO and social media signals. This will be a good step by Google if genuine content writers get rewarded for their efforts. Mom and Pop websites are the websites which are filled with quality content but don’t pay attention to SEO and in return receive biased behavior from Google Search. I would say, it is a bug in Google algorithm where high budgeted websites steal away the organic traffic of small players by outplaying search results completely.

Why Google Tweaks Algorithm

Spam is an enemy for search engines, that could easily impair the quality standards of a search engine.

Before the arrival of Google, Altavista was considered the best internet search engine relied by many geeks. After the launch of Google, AltaVista failed to maintain the highest quality levels and at the end collapsed in front of the Internet giant Google. An ordinary Internet user crave for the highest level of user experience and informative content. Imagine you search Google for a keyword suppose “Business Opportunities in Canada” and Google returns you irrelevant results redirecting your path towards unwanted lowest quality websites having spammy layout and spammy content useless for anybody. “What would you do than”? The answer is simple “Switch to a better search engine with better user experience and relevant search results”. In order to maintain the elegance and huge following, Google continuously works for achievement of high quality standards desired by ordinary internet users.

What should you do to survive Google next major Algorithm Update

As Matt Cutts made it clear, Google is looking towards high quality content but the criteria of determining authority of the page has reversed. Keyword Stuffing will now cause expulsion from search engine directory, spam backlinks with targeted anchor text carry very little weight and it is the length of the post that matters the most. Google wants tutorials that are informative and provide the user with all the information required upon a subject. As a lot of SEO geeks has been predicting Google + to be the future of SEO and rightly so. The more Google likes a post receives the higher are the chances for ranking upwards in the search results for a particular keyword.


As by now the authorities at Google have been tightly lipped over the exact ranking formula but as we speculate it is now the depth of the content that will be assessed by Google.

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