There is a plethora of PHP Scripts available over the internet for developing advanced social networking websites. If you are a programmer, you will be able to find thousands of PHP scripts uploaded over the internet with slight tweaks & code modifications.

Best PHP Scripts for Social Networking Websites

PHP is one of the most widely used programming scripts over the internet. Today, the foundation of a large majority of popular websites is the “PHP Scripts Framework”, as the webmasters prefer PHP over traditional HTML scripts. We list ten of the most exciting & useful PHP Scripts for making social network websites that you could choose for your upcoming projects as a PHP Developer.

10. AroundMe

AroundMe comes as free social network software. The main goal of this script is to make it possible to bring people that belong to one community come together. With this, you will be able to create multiple web spaces that either comes as public or private. This is also open source and it has been released with GNU/GPL license.

9. MyOWNSpace

This is an open source PHP clone of MySpace and it is one of the most downloaded and customized social networking script available in the market. It is available free of cost and one unique thing about this script remains its origin, this script is home made.

8. PHPOpenChat

PHPOpenChat is an excellent script for creating an online chat room. This is a chat server and comes for free. This highly popular software is based on basic PHP and SQL Server Framework.

7. PhpFoX

According to many, PHPFOX is most powerful in terms of serving web communities. This is professional social networking software that comes with full features. The unique and helpful features that are added to this software include flash chat, instant messenger and video plug-in.

6. Dolphin

This free social networking software is also known as a community builder. It has different features that include profiles, blogs, checkouts and some modules that are extended to third party.

5. DZOIC Handshakes

This is a PHP script that is highly customizable. It is fully open source and it is perfect when you think about running a social networking portal that you own. This is actually the best thing when it comes to running businesses that involve Facebook, MySpace and others.

4. Gallery

Gallery is an opensource script, and it is being used as photo album organizer. This can be run on PHP, GD Library or Apache. Aside from that, it also comes with different add-on features like RSS feeds, image rotation, photo gallery sliding and others.

3. Elgg

This comes as an open source social networking platform. This is used in running a full-fledged community site that is perfect for large social networks for students, for friends and others. One of the best features is support for blogging, RSS aggregation, creation of community and even podcast support.

2. Flight Feather

This social networking platform is free and it only requires minimum hardware. You do not really have to waste so much space for it.

1. PG Social Networking

This is perfect for your personal use or even for niche social networks. This is actually very easy to set.


One of the common denominators of the social networking PHP scripts is that majority of them are opensource and can be downloaded & customized for free. These are only high performing top 10 php scripts for making social networking websites. The increasing competition is resulting into a lot of new and advanced social networking PHP Scripts being rolled over into the market.


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