why men cheat on their wives

Why Men Cheat?, this term is often searched over the internet. Not all the men cheat, it’s just a small minority of men cheating on their wives or girlfriends.

Why Men Cheat on their Wives or Girlfriend

There are various factors that can drive cheating men, but their are some things that could prevent men from being unfaithful.

Why men Cheat?. What makes men cheat on their wives or girlfriend and look for someone else?. This is a long debate, some think because they will never get caught, some maybe because they’re being neglected or maybe because men are really polygamous by nature. According to some psychologists, men’s infidelities are caused by different factors and let’s check these top 10 reasons to enlighten women and see if there are things women can do to get their men straightened out.

1. History in the Family or Surroundings

Most men who cheat are those who have witnessed the infidelity of their father, brothers, neighbors or close friends when they were younger. Witnessing such an incident may give them a notion that cheating is okay however they know deep inside them that it really isn’t. So cheating for the sake of trying it for they have witnessed it before makes them feel good. This is why men cheat on their wives of girlfriend.

2. Because they Think they Can

If your partner is a good looking guy, some women may have fantasized about him and when men are offered with sex, they simply can’t resist it. Because some men think they can do it without being caught then they engaged in it.

3. Ego Boosting

Most men want to feel wanted and those who often cheat are those who are in a long term relationship. Being part of a 5 or 10 year relationship could sometimes be boring and men tend to feel less attractive and wanted. This is one of the most common reasons why men in long term relationship cheat. It boosts their ego. This is why men cheat on their wives of girlfriend.

4. Emotional Instability

Emotionally unstable men have the tendency to cheat if they have fallen out of love. Most married men cheat because of love reasons, most will claim they have fallen out of love and are no longer satisfied with their partner. Married men would stay for the sake of their children, the property, money, or for the sake of not hurting their partner. Because of these factors, married men would rather cheat just to keep everything balanced from not losing what they have right now and having what they need from someone else.

5. Misunderstanding

Some men, married or not tend to have a one night stand because they were upset over something. The typical excuse for cheating is a misunderstanding. So ladies, when you have a conflict with your partner, make sure to resolve it before letting him loose, one night stands is just lurking around the corner. This is another important reason on why men cheat on their wives of girlfriend.

6. Experimental Approach

Some men cheat because they love sexually experimenting with someone else. This is one of the most common factors why men love cheating, it is because of sex. There are really men who are not contented with having sex with just one woman. There are really those who wants to have sex with dozens of women to satisfy them sexually.

7. Boredom

Married men cheat because they find the thrill they seek and that makes them alive again by having a secret relationship with someone else. Fresh new experiences make some men excited specially those who are in a long term relationship and with kids.

8. Neglected

Some men claimed because their wives have cheated on them, they too resort to an extra marital relationship. A relationship outside marriage makes some men feel cared for and loved. Wives who tend to neglect their husbands find themselves in this kind of situation, especially if the woman is more successful than the man. This is another reason why men cheat on their wives of girlfriend.

9. Pressure from Friends

Some men cheat because they are pressurized by friends to do so. Men who spend most of their time together with a company of unfaithful friends will end up doing the same thing. What happens next is the guy does the same thing to be part of the group.

10. End the Relationship

Of course, men who want to get out of a relationship will do things and find reasons so their partner will leave them or end the relationship. These men don’t have the guts to stop or end the relationship so they resort to cheating. Once their partner learns about the incident, a break up will most probably happen which is what some guys want in the first place.

why men cheat on their wives or girlfriend

The topic “Why men cheat on their wives or girlfriends” is a long debate. These reasons are quite common, there are a variety of other factors that could drive cheating men. The beat remedy is to talk to your partner, friendly dialogue could help strengthen the relationship and wipe off any differences between partners, after all a relationship is worth more than just intimacy.