Top 10 Racing Games: We asked gaming experts about their all time favorite racing games and the response was good.

Top 10 Racing Games to Play

The speed, the thrill, the excitement, the skills, the dangerous roads, the passion to go beyond others. In a nutshell “the ultimate driving experience” we miss in the real life is all provided by racing games. It’s either love or hatred for innovative car racing games.

Most of the teenagers are addicted towards racing games, anxiously waiting to try out new improved versions. Whenever a popular game lands in the market it creates a win win situation both in the perspective of gamers as well as game developers.

Top 10 Best Racing Games to Play – 2017 Updated

With the sheer number of options available its hard for gaming enthusiasts to pick up the appropriate racing thriller but thankfully we have winnowed down your options by compiling a list of 10 best racing car games that gotta make your gaming experience even more fascinating and fun packed.

1. Test Drive Unlimited 2


The game seamlessly blends single and multiplayer experiences to give open world driving experience. The user(s) can test various cars, choose the ambiance they want to drive in, such as lush green woodland or summer cool breeze. Overall the game is fun for those who want to enjoy comfortable driving experience on their gaming screens. We would rate it among the best racing games.

2. F1 2016


A treat for those Formula One fans who want to enjoy playing the entire season, with all the teams, drivers and circuits. The game has admirable graphics, high quality sound and excellent racing tracks adding more realistic feel to the game. This version includes some handy functions like “Young Driver Test” making it even more close towards the real race. The game is compatible with Microsoft Windows, X Box 360 and PlayStation 3. The game is one of the best racing games to play in 2016.

3. Blur


If you are a fan of street style racing than this arcade game fits your need. The pros include a wide option of cars and tracks along with a familiar urban environment such as streets of London and Los Angeles giving you a pleasant driving experience. Blur is a blend of arcade and realism, its features such as in-depth multiplayer mode, player power ups, rewards system, fan points and gaming weapons electrify the game making it harder to turn down. The game can be played upon Play Station 3, XBox 360 and Microsoft Windows. It is one of the top games in our list

4. Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed


Without any exaggeration, the most consistent game that is always ready to offer gaming geeks something valuable. EA Sports has rolled out another exciting version of all time top racing game “Need For Speed”. What’s common remains the quality that developers team has delivered over the years. The first person experience in helmet cam and the reworked graphics engine make this game a challenging roller coaster thriller for all racing enthusiasts out there. Need For Speed Shift 2 contains some realistic features propelling it within the category of simulation games. Amazing graphics and awesome game play make this game worth playing.

5. Midnight Club II


An exciting game that attracts many racing fans worldwide. Inspired by the Cinema Blockbuster of 2001 “Fast and Furious” this game has to offer a blend of thrilling features in a gigantic city like environment. This good racing game is ideal for those who wanna enjoy real life racing experience in their gaming consoles.

6. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit


Another game in the limelight “Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit” is a blend of arcade racing style elements and high speed pursuits. The game rewards driver for driving dangerously in the quest of defeating opponents. The version has the option to play as an illegal racer where the police, fellow speedy racers and others chase you down. Overall the power packed features keep geeks glued on their seats for hours making it a high rated racing game.

7. Gran Turismo 5


Reaching its fifth version, Gran Turismo is another delight for gamers. One of the most innovative racing games available in the market. If something could be associated with this game, than its the painstaking realism and authenticity. Only compatible with PlayStation 3, the game allows 16 players to compete online while experiencing the true essence of driving. We will rank it as an all time best racing game.

8. Burnout Paradise


In the times when a majority of racing games focused on tracks and circuits, Burnout Paradise emerged onto the scene with superb visuals and different racing plans. The game has successfully differentiated itself through offering the fun packed racing, burning and crashing in an open world. The racers are free to move anywhere, having a sense of destructive freedom. This game can only be played on XBox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

9. Dirt 3


The third installment of an extremely popular thriller series takes you on board to experience, the fascinating rally style racing, as observed in the deserts of Middle East Countries. The game has an excellent presentation and unique game play where the drivers are deprived of paved racing tracks. The game comprises of various modes such as Gymkhana Mode that allows increase in difficulty level of the game. Some party modes like zombie infection mode, capture the flag mode and others drench geeks with off road racing pleasure. It’s a good racing gaming to play in 2016.

10. Forza Motorsport 4


Fasten your seat belts to get drenched with a flavor of unbeaten realism in car racing games. The game has a lot to offer from fascinating graphics and driving feedback. The newly added Autovista that enables you to explore components that make up a car from engine to small parts in interior. One of the weaknesses we found was no variable weather conditions or night racing mode. Only compatible with XBox 360, this game has definitely performed better than others. The game has earned, at least for the time being, the bragging rights of being one of the best racing game to play.

Best Racing Games to Play – 2017

These top racing games stand out of the crowd with, the thrill, realism and excitement that keeps all racing geeks engaged for hours. 3D Technology and development of fast and advanced hardware components are driving innovation in games at a fast pace. Keep it locked to read more exciting reviews.