It’s time to try out “Hardest Game Ever 2″ on Android, we’ll review the game and share some hardest game ever 2 cheats to help you reach advanced stages smoothly.

Hardest Game Ever 2 Cheats and Review

One of the exciting android games I stumbled upon this week is Hardest Game Ever 2, the sequel to Hardest Game Ever, a popular & trending game that was originally released for the Smartphones a while ago. This game is recommended to all those geeks who want an adrenaline fueled gaming experience right onto their android device. We’ll review and provide you with a brief walk through of early stages and discuss the Hardest Game Ever 2 Cheats to unlock and pass through the next stages of the game easily.

The game is themed on testing your reaction time, you need to slap fast and collect eggs before they crash onto the land. The faster you react the higher you could score. The user interface is simple and you could play the game tapping through three buttons, you need Android 2.2 or higher to successfully execute this game. The game comprises of 48 stages in total divided into four levels out of which the first six stages form Level 1 which is assumed to be the easy stages.

Although using hardest game ever 2 cheats will spoil the adventure and thrill this android game has to offer but still if you have time constraints and want to finish all stages quickly than you may practice steps mentioned in this guide to achieve high scores.

So no matter you are trying to overshadow your friends score or to unlock the advanced stages of the game this brief walk through of the game will reduce frustration and help you move onto the next stages hassle free.

Download Hardest Game Ever 2

You can simply download and install Hardest Game Ever 2 for Android by [clicking here].

Hardest Game Ever 2 Cheats

The following is a short review & cheats of all the six initial stages of Hardest Game Ever 2. Just read through all the stages and you will move through these stages easily.

Hardest Game Ever 2: Stage 1

The objective of this stage is to tickle the foot as quickly as possible and also there is no penalty for missing the target. Simply lay the phone on the desk or table and use your three fingers to randomly tap all three buttons. You’ll achieve a high score in no time.

Hardest Game Ever 2: Stage 2

In this stage you need to draw a vector with the help of rock, paper & scissors. Just place the device on a flat surface for easier and faster clicking.

Hardest Game Ever 2: Stage 3

This is a simple level the only thing you need to do is to balance the kid’s head. As this game is centered on the idea to test your reaction time so you need to maintain a fast pace. As a trick just press the left arrow and than quickly press the right arrow.

Hardest Game Ever 2: Stage 4

If after passing through the first three stages, you are moody to continue playing at a fast pace than you need to relax and slow down a bit. In this stage the kid will be facing a morning toilet rush, take your time and stop tapping the buttons too quickly otherwise you won’t stop at the right spot. Slow down when the toilet is near and gently take the last step to ensure it’s just one. It’s better to play slow at this stage than to lose valuable points.

Hardest Game Ever 2: Stage 5

This stage involves testing your mathematics and computational skills, this stage is tricky but you could complete it in less than 10 seconds, have your three fingers over the colors and complete the full rows first and count in your mind as you do it. As soon as you are done with full rows move on the rows of two and finally one cups. Practice this trick a few times and you’ll be able to do it insanely fast.

Hardest Game Ever 2: Stage 6

The sixth stage is the slapping stage; you need to keep your eyes fixed at the clock and slap like a maniac. Forget counting the number of slaps, its better to do a few test runs and observe when the timer stops. I usually managed to stop at 29 slaps at a bit over 5 seconds. Than I started playing the game and found out I had slapped 34 times in around 4.5 seconds.

These are the tips for passing through the early stages of the game easily. If you have any other tricks don’t hesitate dropping your feedback.

Don’t go with the simplicity of the game, the game is very much entertaining. Challenge your friends and family to see who has the fastest reaction on android devices. The game is open source and is available free of cost for installation into your Android and iOS Devices. I would give this game a rating of 2.5 out of maximum 5 stars, this is a very good score for such a simple game.

Hey don’t you have “Hardest Game Ever 2″ installed onto your device? What are waiting for just go to the Google Play Store and Download Hardest Game Ever 2.

Enjoy playing Hardest Game Ever 2.


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