At the last count, there were approximately 300 million websites online, an increasing percentage of which are blogs. Blogging is seen as the ultimate way to get your point/product/service across to the masses, and this is why so many new blogs are created every day.

The trouble is, a huge number of these new blogs are abandoned in less than a year. The reason? In many cases, it is a case of severe blog burnout where the writer simply can’t cope with the demands of running a successful blog.

Below are 10 quick tips to help you combat blog burnout and be the last man standing.

#1. Forget Perfection

Rather than spending hours crafting the ‘perfect’ blog post, just get it written and posted!. Once you have written the post, proofreading is important to ensure there are no spelling/grammatical errors is enough. Unless you are discussing an industry topic in-depth, there is no need to slave over a single post.

#2. Quality over Quantity

Most readers would take two great posts a week instead of seven average or dull ones. Rather than quickly creating a random post, set some time aside to write a great one. You’ll find that the writing process is much more exciting when you are researching something that interests you.

#3. Keep A Notepad & Pen Near You

Inspiration can hit you at anytime and you don’t want to forget a great idea that passed through your mind. One of the main reasons for blog burnout is lack of ideas so it’s imperative that you take down every little nugget you can think of.

#4. Participate

Successful bloggers always take time out to answer the queries of readers. In most cases, all it takes is a few minutes at the end of the workday to converse with readers. Receiving positive comments and engaging with your readership are ideal methods of fighting blog burnout. Knowing that your work is read and appreciated will persuade you to keep going.

#5. Start Clicking!

Blog posts don’t always have to contain long paragraphs of text. Sometimes a quick picture and a short explanation is enough to warrant a blog entry. Alternatively, you could have some fun and do a video blog. It’s something different and saves your fingers the effort of typing out all those words!.

#6. Welcome Guests

If someone in your industry asks for an opportunity to guest post on your blog, snap it up. First of all, you get someone else to do the work and secondly, that individual’s audience will come to your blog to see your guest’s work. This may help bring in new followers.

#7. Review Old Posts

This shows that you’re up to date with the latest industry news and is also less effort than creating a new blog from scratch!. You may have an old post on a news item that warrants an update so for the sake of keeping things fresh, do some research on new developments and add to your old post.

8 – Write A Series

There is no rule which suggests that every entry must consist of a single post on a single topic. Having sequels keep readers interested and is a new challenge for you. You could write one single long post, break it up into several parts and post each one a few days apart. This keeps your content updated and also gives you a much-needed break.

9 – Praise Others

If you hear or know of someone in your industry doing something amazing, blog about it. Their exploits may inspire you to do great things and will definitely attract interested readers. If you become known as a blogger that hands out praise, perhaps plaudits will arrive in your direction.

10 – Take A Break!

This is probably the most important tip of all. Instead of abandoning your blog altogether, just take a week or two away from it. The best time to do this is when you’re on holiday. Just relax and don’t think about the blog. Hopefully, you will feel fresh and invigorated when you return. If you have the time, create a handful of posts and space them out so your blog is being updated with new content even when you’re not around. When you come back, there may be a few comments waiting for your attention.

Blogging is one of the best ways to get search engine spiders to continue visiting your site. Use it to showcase your company’s goods and services but also use it as a vehicle for delivering interesting up to date news. You want your blog to be known as an industry leader and let’s face it, you are less likely to suffer from blog burnout if your blog is a major success!.


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