With the risk of exaggeration I would say “Skype has transformed the dreams of tech savvy geeks into a reality”. Imagine the life over a decade ago, internet was in its development phase, mobile phones were rare and a majority of us had to rely over the postal system or landlines telephone in order to connect with our loved ones.

Today our communication preferences have suffered a major transformation, be it email, social networking, live video chat, very often we just wanna rely on internet to communicate with others. Speaking about Skype, its a revolution, physical location matters no more, we can have a face to face meeting with our peers in any part of the world absolutely free of cost, at least for home users. Statistics suggest Skype to be home for around 300 Million users who enjoy this useful, free yet 24/7 available VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) tool to connect with their friends and family.

My idea for Betterment of Skype

Although Skype is loaded with all the necessary features that you wanna crave for a healthy user experience but for me there exists an additive that gotta further improve the flavor of Skype. In this fast moving world very often do we face time constraints. As Skype is free so who else gotta be willing to spend a few bucks calling through mobile phones or landlines. There are times when you get buried under the burden of enormous work load but still remaining online is a necessity rather than a hobby. During such adrenaline fueled times “Who would be happier after getting distracted by an incoming video call that you cannot afford to dismiss”, it sounds simple isn’t it, but when there are many useless one’s, you become grumpy.

Unlike Facebook “Skype” currently does not support “Show Offline to Specific User Facility”, I mean it would be great if I could be able to adopt different status updates such as “Busy” “Offline” “Online” for different users at a time.

Although this feature is missing but there are many working solutions to this problem, the most authentic one being trace the one’s who call you for no reason and block them for certain time frame afterwards unblock them so that they could see you online. Obviously this feature may not generate a notification to the blocked person but will definitely give him signals once he searches for your profile in his contacts list. The other one being a more traditional one, simply use different accounts but this seems quite hard as we can not sign in to multiple accounts of Skype at a single go, hence we have got to add our important contacts in a single account to stay in touch all the times.

The third one is the easiest, ask your contacts to send you instant messages and fix a timing before dropping in through a call, this ain’t feasible enough but still works fine if you have friendly ties with your Skype contacts. Although these tricks work well temporarily but for persons like me who spend most of their time surfing internet a permanent solution must exist. Anyways these are my personal views and my idea for the betterment of Skype. If you wanna share your views don’t hesitate to drop in a comment below.

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